Social Media & Business

Consumer now prefer to see the websites of the company before making any purchase decision. Consumer wants to know the actual ranking of the brand and quality he/she thinking to buy. He/she can simply figure out by the comments of the general public posted on the website or product. Companies should maintain and update websites timely to ensure it is providing the relevant information to the audience and should be complete.social_media
Also the liking of people on Facebook and talks on Twitter helps in making choice of different product offered by the company. In other way round company is making use of social media to market,interact with people and getting feedback.
For example a real estate company in NZ i.e. Barfoot and Thompson has been good in the marketing strategy and are known to be best real estate agents in NZ. The company website provides different choices to the consumer with every relevant information, it has active Facebook and Twitter page also. Thus with the help of social media advertising, it is making success every year.

Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to spread the word around the world for a product and creating interest in the consumer to buy it. Its an easy way to market a product online and involves less cost.
Today world is totally based on the internet or you can say we are living in the world of technology. People can reach to any brand from the their home with the help of internet. Companies thus making use of social media to build awareness of their brand which in turns leads to increase in sales and marketing of their product at less cost.There are several social media sites- twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc which help us to get more of the audience to the product and share their views with their friends and family. social-media-marketing
It is a great opportunity for a business to enhance their product and make improvement accordingly as per the need and want of the consumer.
Regular blogs, tweets and update from the company provide user with heaps of knowledge about the product and thus make the buying process easy. Attractive websites are being designed to get more traffic for the brand and make favourable position in the market.

Marketing leads to Sales

Sales are totally dependent on the advertising and promotional methods followed by the company. The logic is simple – ‘The more you promote, the more you will get’. Now day marketing is the first preference of any business who wants to achieve success in the competitive world. Whether the business is selling cars, restaurants or takes away, super markets, sale purchase of properties, the list is endless; everyone is following the marketing pattern.

Marketing makes potential buyers aware of the brand, company, and/or product. This is accomplished through a mix of print/broadcast media, direct mail, online ads, events, PR, email campaigns, and other broad-reach vehicles. Marketers work on the mix of the four P’s (product, price, place, and promotion) to make the offering more attractive and induce potential buyers to elevate the brand, company, or product in their consideration list.

Online shopping is making achievement. Most of the consumers are happy to relax at place and purchasing things online. Company’s provides detail summary of the product to consumer on their website so there is hardly any issue or in case of query consumer can drop email or call them. This is how social media is on the way of making businesses to the heights and helping them to gain popularity. Few examples are:


Blogs helps

Businesses of all sizes often struggle to find high impact, low cost methods of attracting and engaging customers.
While some say social media have levelled the playing field, blogging is by far one of the most effective ways for small businesses to achieve numerous business objectives. great_idea
What can you achieve with a blog? It can be optimized for search and social shares, blogs with great content can help a company attract new customers, engage existing customers, connect with journalists and connect with potential new hires. There are many business communication goals that can be realized through blogging.
Real-time social engagement is a great way for brands to stay top of mind, build their social audience and even influence the buying decisions of consumers.

Marketing & Business

“Every time you speak to someone about your business you are involved in marketing. Any conversation about your firm is an opportunity to promote your business and increase sales.
Marketing is the way to success for any business whether it is small or large scale. The more marketing, the more is the wealth. Marketing is to support the organizations’ sales effort and improve company profitability. It helps in making the position in the market and simplifies the fact of what you do and how you do it differently, as well as how it will be better and more efficiently than your competitors. Also it focuses on developing and managing on-going relationships with customers, competitors, partners, suppliers and other shareholders. marketing-small-business1
People planning to enter the business world must think about the different marketing plans well in advance to compete with its competitors and making their own unique position. Crucially, it will tell you when to talk to your customers. Timing your activities to fit their buying cycles will save money and maximize sales. Finally, your marketing plan should look to the future: it should outline how you follow up sales and what you’re doing to develop your offer.”

Social Media

The term social network was originally coined to distinguish between networks that were used for business purposes and those that were used for socializing. The term has been extended to include interactive websites with message boards, chat rooms or the ability to leave comments and have a discussion with other people. Examples of websites that are primarily used for socializing include Facebook and MySpace.

Many companies have their own Facebook pages and use them to promote products. Consumers get the feeling they are actually interacting with these companies.